2014 Berlin Marathon & New World Record

The Berlin marathon course saw another amazing marathon world record today as Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto (2:02:57) outlasted spirited compatriot Emmanuel Mutai (2:03:13) and Abera Kuma (2:05:56) of Ethiopia, to claim a new world record. The lead pack were under world record pace (set in 2013 in Berlin) from early on. Passing halfway at 61:45 the group … [Read more...]

The 123 Virtual Run, 2014

Run the 123! Join the #OUTFITrunners for our inaugural #123VirtualRun. The 123 is designed to build confidence, fitness and encourage kids to run with their parents or family as they complete 3 runs over 4 weekends; 1km run (Sat 27th Sept), 2km run (Sat 4th Oct), and 3km run (Sat 18th Oct) The 123 Virtual Run is aimed at children 4-10 years old … [Read more...]

History Making 2014 Sydney Marathon & Sydney Running Festival

The Harbour city shone today as 33,000 runners took part in 4 events (4km, 9km, Half-marathon & Marathon) for the Sydney Running Festival, sponsored by Blackmores. The Sydney Marathon, recently awarded the IAAF Silver Label Road Race, lived up to the new expectations with strong international fields in both the Mens & Womens events. The … [Read more...]

Once while running…

Running with my nephew recently was such a fun & rewarding activity I really wanted to share it with everyone & encourage you to run with your own kids or family. Last holidays I went running with my nephew Rylan (who’s in 3rd class at school) & was surprised by his endurance & excitement of running. Of course he knows I love … [Read more...]

Children & Running – Guidelines & Precautions

Children are natural runners; they run, jump, spin hop & hurdle daily. Running forms the basis of so many games & activities for young children, and is hugely beneficial for their development, self-confidence, general health and fitness. Many parents are concerned about encouraging kids to take up running or athletics. For school aged kids … [Read more...]

Week 6 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final week of our 6-week Core Strength Program. Whether you’ve blitzed it in 6 weeks or taken 18 weeks to gradually increase your core strength & endurance, you’ve made it to the final week & will no doubt feel much stronger & more in control. The exercises for Week 5 are; Hands to … [Read more...]

Learn from the elite athletes at Glasgow 2014

We can learn a lot from the elite athletes at the Commonwealth Games & their recent heroics. Guts, determination & hard work are key ingredients to a successful competition/race/achievement. I often talk about consistency being a key part of training and when you are consistently working hard the results will come. The amazing runs of Jess … [Read more...]

Week 5 of the 6-Week Core Strenth Program

Welcome to week 5 of the Core Strength Program. The exercises are certainly more difficult this week as we build on the previous 4 programs. If you struggled with Week 4’s exercises spend an extra week or 2 improving your strength (with W4’s program) before stepping up to the week 5 exercises. So many are direct progressions from last week’s … [Read more...]

Week 4 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Congratulations on making it half way through the 6-week Core Strength Program… and welcome back for week 4. This week we increase the intensity again as we add in more dynamic plank variations and double leg lowers & toe touches as we build towards one of my favourite Ab exercises ‘Hands-to-Feet’ which will feature in Week 5. If you … [Read more...]

Week 3 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Two weeks in and no doubt you’re already feeling your core control improve and plank endurance developing. This week we progress the exercises & duration of our plank. The first 2 weeks have built a good base to introduce advanced options & new moves to the program. Again repeat the program at least 3 days this week. To start the program … [Read more...]


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