Health Assessments

The Health Assessments are an in-depth analysis of YOUR current level of health. These can be very important in identifying risk of disease, areas of weakness and muscle imbalances that can develop into injuries if not addressed.

Why would I need it?

Before starting a new program (& possibly changing years of bad habits) it is important to get an accurate picture of your health. The OUTFIT health + fitness assessment is very useful to identify strengths & weaknesses and then construct a program to correct these. Many of us are too focused on a narrow range of our health, but for long-term fitness maintenance and prevention of illnesses we need to target all aspect of health and fitness. The results provide information & clear targets for you to aim towards to improve relevant aspects of your health.

When would I need it?

While the assessments can be conducted at any time it would be especially useful when beginning your lifestyle changes. These initial assessments provide a useful motivator and good insight into your current fitness levels as compared to others in you age & sex categories. Many people have regular reassessments (every 3 or 6 months) to monitor improvements and ensure they are achieving their goals.

How can I book?

Simply click the button below to schedule your health assessment. The assessment is $110 and includes a health report outlining your results with key results and goals highlighted in the summary. The report will be emailed to you within 48hrs of completing your assessment. If you’d also like to book a health assessment for family or friends please book a separate time.

What does the testing involve?

After comprehensive pre screening and relevant medical history examination we conduct approximately 1 hour of testing from a battery of fitness assessments that encompass body composition, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular measures.

Body Composition testing examines your body fat % measured by bio-impedance scales and skinfold measures (optional), girth measurements and disease risk profiling

Musculoskeletal measures examine upper body strength & endurance, abdominal strength and abdominal muscular endurance. We also take more than 10 individual measures of flexibility and profile your postural health from the previous measures and daily activities and work requirements.

Cardiovascular assessments measure your fitness ability. This can be done using a variety of tests that gradually increase exercise intensity and record heart rate responses to the exercise. Tests will be used according to your current fitness levels and activity. Typical results will indicate your predicted VO2max (maximum fitness ability) and comparative fitness scores to the Australian population.

I’m not fit enough for that?

Yes you are!! The health assessments are an individual measure of your current position and are not in any way a pass/fail style test. So YES, you are fit enough for the assessment, and you may even surprise yourself. The results will provide a useful tool for any modifications necessary to your lifestyle to improve target areas.

Contact us today for any further questions and the button below to book in for your Health Assessment. We can help you take control of your fitness and lifestyle.



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