Returning to training after a marathon

Returning to training after a marathon is an exciting time. You’ve gained experience and many  lessons learnt from your race, especially if it was one of your first at the marathon distance, and returning to training and setting your sights on your next goal can provide strong motivation and rejuvenate your running. Just make sure you don't rush … [Read more...]

History Making 2014 Sydney Marathon & Sydney Running Festival

The Harbour city shone today as 33,000 runners took part in 4 events (4km, 9km, Half-marathon & Marathon) for the Sydney Running Festival, sponsored by Blackmores. The Sydney Marathon, recently awarded the IAAF Silver Label Road Race, lived up to the new expectations with strong international fields in both the Mens & Womens events. The … [Read more...]

Mo Farah & the 2014 London Marathon preview

April is an amazing time of the year for Marathons around the world with the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday 21st April, and London Marathon on the 13th April. The 2014 London marathon could be the best marathon field assembled yet. I wrote similar things last year and 2014 promises to be bigger. Amazingly much of the attention is on a debutant, … [Read more...]

Tracking recovery with your heart rate

Measuring your heart rate is a great way to track your recovery from a major event such as a marathon or half marathon. You’ll first need to establish a baseline measure of your average resting heart rate. It may fluctuate a little daily so take it at the same time each morning (ideally before you get up out of bed) and establish your average. It's … [Read more...]

It was the night before… Tokyo

Only 12hrs to the 2014 Tokyo Marathon and I can’t wait! It’s always the most exciting time, the couple of days beforehand, but it’s also the time I just want to fly past as I start to get a little impatient. There’s always so much to do (especially when you’re away in a foreign city) but I just want the race to be here, the fun to start & the … [Read more...]

Prepare for a marathon & enjoy your holidays

Travelling away for any event always has it’s difficulties… and fun. After all you're travelling for a reason, to experience life, so you don’t want to miss what’s on offer, but how do you balance everything? Ideally when travelling for a marathon you want things to be as familiar & routine as possible, but Japan presents plenty of challenges. … [Read more...]

The road to Tokyo…

With the Tokyo Marathon only 2 weeks away & the last of my big training runs are behind me I’ve started my taper. I can’t wait to get over to Japan & experience as much as I can. I’m especially looking forward to going for a few warm up runs in Yoyogi park in central Tokyo. While I’ll be reducing my training volume during the taper it’s … [Read more...]

Sign up to an event for maximum motivation

Are you looking for a new challenge in 2013? Check out the event calendar on the new OUTFIT website. There's something for everyone with fun runs, walks, adventure races, triathlons, ocean swims, mud runs and more. You can search by event type (eg ocean swim, fun run, triathlon). Or choose for a specific date. ie if you know you're going away in … [Read more...]

The fastest year ever!

Marathons around the world are being swept up in a running boom. 2011 has been the best of all time. Of course the new World Record set by Patrick Makau in Berlin in September indicates this, but even more incredible is the results across all 5 of the world majors. The ‘World Marathon Majors’ includes the top 5 races (London, Boston, Chicago, … [Read more...]


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