It’s tricky finding time for yourself with a new baby. Between nappies, feeds, broken sleep and ever changing routines you can easily forget about your own health and end up out of shape. The OUTFIT Mums post-natal fitness program is designed to safely re-strengthen your body in a fun & social class. It’s like a mum’s group without the lunch & lattes. We provide a friendly supportive group of other new mums, where you can train alongside your newborn baby.

You might think training with your newborn is impossible, but it isn’t! The classes are longer, 75 minutes, to allow for the inevitable interruptions. Mums can jump in and out of sets to settle their baby, with the aim of still getting an hour of exercise. As the weeks go on, mums get better at fitting feeds & sleeps around exercise, and if bub is awake & needing some “mum time”, they can join in some of the exercises. We’ve been known to push a pram or two whilst shouting out instructions on the next exercise too…

The program initially starts with a focus on pelvic floor and core strength, body conditioning and mild cardio exercise to get you going again. We then gradually increase the intensity & volume as you become stronger.

Who can join?

New mums with children from 6 weeks  & up (via natural or caesarian delivery). You’ll need to have seen your Dr for your 6-week check before starting the OUTFIT Mums exercise class.

Download our Post-natal pre exercise questionnaire here. And check out our Class Timetable for dates and locations.

Unfortunately there are some fitness classes or trainers conducting really inappropriate programs for new mums. You shouldn’t be thrown into a boot camp or normal exercise class just yet. The changes your body undergoes in 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth & then afterwards with breast feeding etc, mean that you have a new body in many ways, so its important to ease back into exercise & build a strong foundation. The OUTFIT Mums program starts with pelvic floor strength, core strength & controlled exercises to progress you safely.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What about abdominal separation?

A separation is quite common & our core strength program focus on safe exercises that will not exacerbate any separations or other conditions, allowing the tissue to heal.

What if I dropped the fitness ball during pregnancy and couldn’t run if my life depended on it?

That’s totally fine! Running is definitely not compulsory (although often an option) so we can adjust the intensity to suit participants of ALL fitness levels.

How do I manage feeds?

Ideally if you can feed before the class both you & your baby will be more comfortable for the session. Otherwise if you need to step out & feed during the class you’re very welcome to do so. The class is flexible

Can this help the baby blues?

Absolutely. Exercise, fresh air & sunshine and social interaction with your mothers group or other OUTFIT Mums participants are 3 crucial elements in combatting post-natal depression or ‘baby blues’. Almost all parents go through some really tough times & getting out of the house and meeting up with the supportive group will really help. Of course additional help is available from your GP, Beyond Blue and other services. Download a fact sheet or contact us for more information

Other babies might be fine, but mine won’t be…

You’re not alone in this thought, but generally it’s not as bad as you imagine. If the trainer can help by holding them or rocking the pram they will. Also if they are unsettled we can give you exercises to do with your baby so all is not lost. Plus even just getting out to the park and having the social interaction with all the other mums is beneficial…but obviously i’m there to help you regain your strength & fitness so we’ll endeavor to give you the best workout.

A story from one of our earlier groups….

Veronica’s little boy Seb was really unsettled and demanding and for the first 3 or 4 classes she was constantly tending to him (some babies just require more attention). At the end of her wits and with next to no sleep she was going to give up on the classes but the other mums encouraged her to continue (primarily to get her out of the house!!). Anyway we tried a few different things and in the end the baby-bjorn seemed to work & he loved being in the centre of the action. Another 3 weeks later Seb settled down (for whatever reason) and Veronica ended up training for another 8 months. Over time Seb became one of the more settled kids in the whole group. They all have their moments of being hard work but hopefully your phase is only in the early days.


If you have ANY other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us on 0412 316 916 or email info@outfithealth.com.au




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