Returning to training after a marathon

Returning to training after a marathon is an exciting time. You’ve gained experience and many  lessons learnt from your race, especially if it was one of your first at the marathon distance, and returning to training and setting your sights on your next goal can provide strong motivation and rejuvenate your running. Just make sure you don't rush … [Read more...]

Tracking recovery with your heart rate

Measuring your heart rate is a great way to track your recovery from a major event such as a marathon or half marathon. You’ll first need to establish a baseline measure of your average resting heart rate. It may fluctuate a little daily so take it at the same time each morning (ideally before you get up out of bed) and establish your average. It's … [Read more...]

Recover & refresh before your next event

Recovery is the key to successful running. Whether you’re an elite or just getting started, like many of those who took part in the Mother’s Day Classic events around Australia on the weekend, we all need to recover from our exercise. This is especially true for all those participating in this weekend’s North Face 100 or other events such as the … [Read more...]


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