Running the World Major Marathons

For almost 10years I’ve been thinking/dreaming about completing all of the World Marathon Majors (WMM). They’re such iconic races run through incredible cities I was totally captivated by the majors. On 24th April 2016 I will complete my 6th and final WMM, the London Marathon. For London i'm proud to be raising funds for a charity, Changing Faces, … [Read more...]

Introducing kids to running – 5 unique ways to encourage healthy habits

Your children love to run, jump, spin, hurdle, hop & sprint. It’s this innate urge to move which we should encourage & nurture. Running is probably attractive to your kids as they want to emulate your healthy habits, and they also get to spend time with you, without the distraction of your phone, TV, work demands, chores at home etc. It’s a … [Read more...]

Returning to training after a marathon

Returning to training after a marathon is an exciting time. You’ve gained experience and many  lessons learnt from your race, especially if it was one of your first at the marathon distance, and returning to training and setting your sights on your next goal can provide strong motivation and rejuvenate your running. Just make sure you don't rush … [Read more...]

Beat Your Best 2015; Who’s in?

Hi guys, Our new #BeatYourBest program is perfect for those wanting to finish 2015 at their peak! Summer is coming, Christmas parties, holidays, bikini weather… Now is the time to get started so you’ll look & feel your best. Don’t have time for face to face training? We’ve got you sorted! We’re all busy with work/travel/family, so we’ve … [Read more...]

The 123 Virtual Run, 2014

Run the 123! Join the #OUTFITrunners for our inaugural #123VirtualRun. The 123 is designed to build confidence, fitness and encourage kids to run with their parents or family as they complete 3 runs over 4 weekends; 1km run (Sat 27th Sept), 2km run (Sat 4th Oct), and 3km run (Sat 18th Oct) The 123 Virtual Run is aimed at children 4-10 years old … [Read more...]

Once while running…

Running with my nephew recently was such a fun & rewarding activity I really wanted to share it with everyone & encourage you to run with your own kids or family. Last holidays I went running with my nephew Rylan (who’s in 3rd class at school) & was surprised by his endurance & excitement of running. Of course he knows I love … [Read more...]

Children & Running – Guidelines & Precautions

Children are natural runners; they run, jump, spin hop & hurdle daily. Running forms the basis of so many games & activities for young children, and is hugely beneficial for their development, self-confidence, general health and fitness. Many parents are concerned about encouraging kids to take up running or athletics. For school aged kids … [Read more...]

Week 6 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final week of our 6-week Core Strength Program. Whether you’ve blitzed it in 6 weeks or taken 18 weeks to gradually increase your core strength & endurance, you’ve made it to the final week & will no doubt feel much stronger & more in control. The exercises for Week 5 are; Hands to … [Read more...]

Massage at home with Bakballs

I was recently invited to review the Bakballs self massage tool. I was impressed by the versatility it’s effectiveness. Bakballs can massage sore & stiff muscles, help promote better posture and help facilitate movement for tight or stiff joints. 3 important factors in back care. I found it useful while sitting at my desk to help maintain … [Read more...]

Abdominals & Core, Anatomy Explained

We've included a few extra diagrams & explanations below for more detail on Abdominal anatomy. To revisit our explanation of key concepts of core strength vs abdominal strength head to our Introduction to the 6-week Core Strength Program. Week 1 can be found here. Your core muscles are made up of many muscle groups including: The Pelvic … [Read more...]


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