Returning to training after a marathon

Returning to training after a marathon is an exciting time. You’ve gained experience and many leg massage 1 lessons learnt from your race, especially if it was one of your first at the marathon distance, and returning to training and setting your sights on your next goal can provide strong motivation and rejuvenate your running. Just make sure you don’t rush into it too quickly.

As I mentioned in the blog post; Post marathon recovery, analysing your recent training and race performance will provide useful information to shape your next phases of training.
Immediately after the marathon my first 4 weeks will look like this;

Week 1Cereal milk

Increased rest & focus on nutrition for optimal recovery
Walking, swimming or very light running
A remedial massage later in the week to loosen tight muscles

Week 2

Reintroduce light running (or more walking)
Listen to your body. If you need more rest before running take it!
Resume strength training & low intensity cross training

Week 3

Continue strength trainingLunge strength training
Resume cross training. If you’re feeling fresh these can be the first more intense sessions
Return to the majority of your usual running days but maintain a lower intensity & total volume (weekly km)

Week 4

Resume normal training days with low-med intensity training sessions. Add in 1 quality session if you’re feeling good.
Continue to progress your strength training.

How do you return to your training after a marathon?

Returning to quickly to intense training greatly increases the risk of overtraining and injury so make sure you progress gradually. To assess your level of recovery check out our blog on Measuring your recovery and another one on Avoiding overtraining.

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