Beat Your Best 2015; Who’s in?

Hi guys, Our new #BeatYourBest program is perfect for those wanting to finish 2015 at their peak! Summer is coming, Christmas parties, holidays, bikini weather… Now is the time to get started so you’ll look & feel your best. Don’t have time for face to face training? We’ve got you sorted! We’re all busy with work/travel/family, so we’ve … [Read more...]

Post marathon recovery

It’s been a week now since the Tokyo marathon & my recovery has been going well… but is not yet complete. Too many people rush back into training too quickly & don’t give their bodies the necessary recovery time. Inadequate recovery time puts you at risk of overtraining and increases the risk of injury. While the muscles in my legs are … [Read more...]

The road to Tokyo…

With the Tokyo Marathon only 2 weeks away & the last of my big training runs are behind me I’ve started my taper. I can’t wait to get over to Japan & experience as much as I can. I’m especially looking forward to going for a few warm up runs in Yoyogi park in central Tokyo. While I’ll be reducing my training volume during the taper it’s … [Read more...]

Sign up to an event for maximum motivation

Are you looking for a new challenge in 2013? Check out the event calendar on the new OUTFIT website. There's something for everyone with fun runs, walks, adventure races, triathlons, ocean swims, mud runs and more. You can search by event type (eg ocean swim, fun run, triathlon). Or choose for a specific date. ie if you know you're going away in … [Read more...]

Soak it up…

Running has universal appeal and is the exercise of choice for millions around the world because of it’s versatility & simplicity. Whether through the forests & parks, long sandy beaches or the concrete urban environment a run is always possible. In sunshine or snow, hearty runners will still be seen out on their favourite trails & … [Read more...]


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