Glut Exercises for Runners #1 – Running Strength Series

Improve your running economy and speed through running specific exercises, which target glut activation. These exercises will help improve your pelvic stability as you run so you will lose less energy and have less pelvic tilt each step. This will help reduce excess loads placed on your hips, ITB & knees. In this first series of exercises we … [Read more...]

Week 6 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final week of our 6-week Core Strength Program. Whether you’ve blitzed it in 6 weeks or taken 18 weeks to gradually increase your core strength & endurance, you’ve made it to the final week & will no doubt feel much stronger & more in control. The exercises for Week 5 are; Hands to … [Read more...]

Week 5 of the 6-Week Core Strenth Program

Welcome to week 5 of the Core Strength Program. The exercises are certainly more difficult this week as we build on the previous 4 programs. If you struggled with Week 4’s exercises spend an extra week or 2 improving your strength (with W4’s program) before stepping up to the week 5 exercises. So many are direct progressions from last week’s … [Read more...]

Week 4 of the 6-week Core Strength Program

Congratulations on making it half way through the 6-week Core Strength Program… and welcome back for week 4. This week we increase the intensity again as we add in more dynamic plank variations and double leg lowers & toe touches as we build towards one of my favourite Ab exercises ‘Hands-to-Feet’ which will feature in Week 5. If you … [Read more...]

Core Exercises for Runners #2 – Runners Strength Series

The core is your power base for running. Everything moves around this. Following on from the Core Exercises for Runners #1 this 2nd core exercise set focuses on more dynamic moves (box jumps, Jacknife & Medicine ball Sit-ups) as well as advanced static moves (V-sit & side plank). Many of these exercises have variations to increase or … [Read more...]


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