Returning to training after a marathon

Returning to training after a marathon is an exciting time. You’ve gained experience and many  lessons learnt from your race, especially if it was one of your first at the marathon distance, and returning to training and setting your sights on your next goal can provide strong motivation and rejuvenate your running. Just make sure you don't rush … [Read more...]

3 workouts for AFTER a race

We've spoken before about the best ways to help recover from a big race such as a half marathon & marathon. With so many people recovering from last weeks SMH half marathon (& so many OUTFIT runners doing so well) we wanted to give you 3 workouts which will let you ease back into training & also provide a bit of an insight how you're … [Read more...]

Cross-Training for Runners

Running is a dynamic high impact action that requires a strong body for maximum efficiency. Pilates, rowing, skiiing and the elliptical trainer are among some of the best cross-training options for runners. Read our blog on Strength training tips & myths for runners, or follow our Runners Strength Training Series here. Distance running is … [Read more...]


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