5 Winter fitness tips to keep you active

There’s nothing like a training session to help you feel energised, positive and help maintain your fitness. Winter can be a tough time to maintain your training as we see less of the sun & more potential excuses to roll over & snuggle under the doona. Follow these 5 tips below to help you keep going through winter. Run at lunchtime. If … [Read more...]

The road to Tokyo…

With the Tokyo Marathon only 2 weeks away & the last of my big training runs are behind me I’ve started my taper. I can’t wait to get over to Japan & experience as much as I can. I’m especially looking forward to going for a few warm up runs in Yoyogi park in central Tokyo. While I’ll be reducing my training volume during the taper it’s … [Read more...]

Strength training for runners… Tips & myths

Running is a dynamic high impact action that requires a strong body for maximum efficiency. Long distance running is also repetitive in nature, so to help minimise the risk of injury & provide support for tough training, strength exercises are essential. While you’re running you’re only ever on 1 leg (when you’re not in the air) so it’s … [Read more...]

Cross-Training for Runners

Running is a dynamic high impact action that requires a strong body for maximum efficiency. Pilates, rowing, skiiing and the elliptical trainer are among some of the best cross-training options for runners. Read our blog on Strength training tips & myths for runners, or follow our Runners Strength Training Series here. Distance running is … [Read more...]

What to Eat Before Training

I often get asked what to eat for breakfast before training. Or if you should eat anything at all, especially in our 6:00am running group classes. Everyone is different; some people can’t stomach an early snack while others can’t function without it. You are able to develop the ability to stomach an early meal, if you need to make the change, … [Read more...]

Breaking in new running shoes

New shoes can be the motivation every runner needs to get out & hit their bests... but they can also cause a few problems. Some people are lucky & can slip straight into a new pair of runners without any problems while others need to break in the new shoes. Even just transitioning to the new version of your current model of shoe can cause a … [Read more...]

The Amazing Space

We’ve been lucky to visit some great cities with awesome public spaces in our travels including Stanley Park in Vancouver, the Golden Gate park in San Francisco & the lake shore in Chicago. It’s so important for great cities to have a major natural feature and amazing public space. Sydney is full of stunning parks, great beaches, and amazing … [Read more...]

Core Exercises for Runners #2 – Runners Strength Series

The core is your power base for running. Everything moves around this. Following on from the Core Exercises for Runners #1 this 2nd core exercise set focuses on more dynamic moves (box jumps, Jacknife & Medicine ball Sit-ups) as well as advanced static moves (V-sit & side plank). Many of these exercises have variations to increase or … [Read more...]

Friday Fartlek

The Swedish term fartlek, translates as ‘speed play’ and is a great workout which can challenge a range of energy systems as you vary your speeds and duration on faster & slower intervals. Typically these will be between 10s to 3mins of faster running with varied speeds & recovery… so yes almost anything goes. Of course some Fartlek are … [Read more...]

Hill Running Technique

Follow the tips for hill running below and develop a new appreciation for hilly races. Many people fear the hills, even avoid them if they can, but they can provide great benefits in training to improve your technique, speed and power. Master the subtle technique cues, improve your fitness and turn the hills into your strength. Maintain a fast … [Read more...]


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