5 Winter fitness tips to keep you active

There’s nothing like a training session to help you feel energised, positive and help maintain your fitness. Winter can be a tough time to maintain your training as we see less of the sun & more potential excuses to roll over & snuggle under the doona. Follow these 5 tips below to help you keep going through winter.

  1. Run at lunchtime. If you struggle to get going in the early mornings during winter take advantage of the (usually) dry winter weather & get out for a quick RBG sydneylunchtime run. 30mins around the CBD is brilliant. We’re living in the best city in the world. Make the most of it. You could zip through the Royal Botanical Gardens, run over the harbour bridge & back or use the fast flat area around the rocks for some speed work. If you’re after hills or stairs Observatory hill & the surrounds has plenty.
    For a great stair workout check out the High 5’s blog. It’s a tough run that can increase as you get stronger.
  2. Dress for the weather. Remove your excuses by having your winter workout clothes ready to go. A light breathable long sleeve top or a pair of gloves are great for when the temperature drops down to single digits. A light-weight rain jacket is great too if you’re expecting a little rain or want a layer to block the wind. Remember to dress for the ‘exercise temperature’ not as if you’d be out standing around. If you go out with too many layers on you’ll be sweaty & quickly ripping off unnecessary jumpers & scarves.
    Don’t be scared to start your session a little cold, with only light weight gear, you’ll soon warm up as you get moving.
  3. Don’t hit snooze, don’t bargain with yourself, just get up, get dressed & get moving! The hardest steps are the first ones out the door. Once you’re up & going it gets easier… & you’ll feel great. Do yourself a favour & don’t listen to the lazy voice in there. Winter in Australia really isn’t that bad.winter snow forest Get out there & enjoy!
  4. Prepare a plan B. Every now & then (rarely) it might be torrential rain, or a howling wind that really makes it unbearable to get out & train. In that case use your plan B. You’ll probably only need it a couple of times this winter but have your 2nd option ready to go. A swim session at the indoor pool, casual visit to the gym or follow a fitness dvd at home. Whatever you choose as your plan B have it ready to go. Research the opening hours, dig out the goggles & swimmers or hook up the dvd player in the garage so you’ve got no additional hurdles that prevent you staying active. As I always say, preparation is key.  Do it now, while you’re motivated & it really help when you need it most.
  5. Adjust to the season. The training you do in Winter will give you the springboard for spring & summer. That beach body you want starts now so set your goals & work towards Set Winterthem. For runners winter is a great time to train and build an aerobic base. On top of this your speed work will thrive. For summer sports people the off season is a time for building strength & preparing for the next season. Set out your training plan & build the strong foundation. For a personalised 3-month training plan contact us at OUTFIT health + fitness.

Let us know your best winter fitness tips or join one of our Sydney classes. Boxercise, Running groups, OUTFIT X, Pilates, Yoga or Personal training.

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