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Running has universal appeal and is the exercise of choice for millions around the world because of it’s versatility & simplicity. Whether through the forests & parks, long sandy beaches or the concrete urban environment a run is always possible. In sunshine or snow, hearty runners will still be seen out on their favourite trails & loops. While the east coast of Australia sloshes under unseasonable volumes of rain people from Melbourne to Cairns are complaining about the missing summer and relentless rain… but regardless of the wet weather, runners know to ‘soak it up’ & keep running.

Consistent runners will head out in almost all conditions and a little rain shouldn’t stop you from completing your training and enjoying your run.

Enjoy your run in the rain

Make the most of the conditions and be thankful for the escape from the stifling heat. Summer can always be tough for marathoners or those who run in the middle of the day, as summer temperatures soar.

rainThe mild summer weather is a blessing for many. While obviously the rain is cooling, especially for those heading out for long runs, it also tends to keep many people away so the busier running trails (especially in the big cities) are even more enjoyable. Like the quiet city streets on an early morning weekend run, a jog in the summer showers can be just as tranquil.

In the last few weeks I’ve repeatedly been caught on wet long runs and it’s been great. With only the die hard dog walkers out (almost as OCD as some runners I know) there’s been a mutual appreciation for the all weather efforts. Just as you have respect for other runners out in ‘less than ideal conditions’ the pet owners are showing some grit. If only we could convince them to run beside their little 4 leg friends we’d have a few more converts.

But getting back to runners and enjoying the conditions… sometimes it’s a great feeling being out battling the conditions and knowing you’ve earnt your stripes on a run. I love to say g’day and give the other runner that approving nod & smile that almost says “Good on you for getting out in the rain”. They know exactly what you’re going through and appreciate the support.

What to watch out for…

The obvious slippery surfaces in the rain pose a problem but chaffing and rubbing can also be an issue. Heavy wet running tops rub more, especially for unsuspecting men so be sure to cover your nipples or apply Vaseline if you’re prone to nipple chaffing. Also choose your running shorts & socks wisely as the build up of water can lead to blisters and rubbing for poor fitting.

Another casualty can be your shoes. Try to allow your shoes to dry out fully between runs and rotate shoes if necessary to help prolong their life. I always remove inserts and leave in a area with good air flow to allow them to dry quickly.

Hydration. It sounds strange given you finish your run looking like a drowned rat but the body still loses fluids due to sweating (especially in humid conditions) & energy metabolism so make sure you rehydrate post run just as you would for any other run. For runs longer than 90mins consider using sports drinks with carbohydrates and electrolytes otherwise water is enough.


What are your tricks you use to get out for a run in the rain?

Share some of your secrets or motivation & help others ‘soak it up’



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