#2 Maroubra outdoor gym workout – Advanced

If you’ve completed our introductory cardio/strength circuit or are training regularly and want a more advanced option Decline Push upsto tackle head down to Maroubra & push yourself with Workout #2 below. To increase the intensity run hard across the sand in the run intervals and minimize the rest breaks between strength exercises. How quickly can you complete 2 rounds (at high tide).

Once again the exercise equipment codes are included (in the brackets) after each exercise to help you replicate the workout.

Workout 2 – Advanced

10-20x Pull ups (013/14)Step ups

Run leg – down the beach to the edge of the water and back

20-40x Step ups each leg (O7/8)

Run to the the water and back

20x Tricep dips (O15/16)

Run to the the water and back

20x Sit ups (25/26)Maroubra outdoor gym Free workout with OUTFIT health + fitness

Run to the the water and back

20x Decline Push ups (O27/28)

Run to the the water and back


Complete a minimum two sets for advanced exercisers. For a real challenge try three!

Send in your times & see if you can beat our trainers at OUTFIT health + fitness


Enjoy, Steve!

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