Camperdown Oval Outdoor Gym Workout

Have you ever headed down to the park or your local gym with no plan for a workout, Camperdown Stairsand when you got there you just end up sitting on the bike or going for a few laps? It’s ‘ok’ but you’re not getting the full benefit of your workout time. Here is a purpose-designed workout for the Camperdown Oval exercise equipment in Sydney.

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Warm up with 2-4 laps of oval, with a set of 10 squats 5 push ups & 5 tricep dips each lap to prepare the body for the workout. Complete any warm up stretches & then move over the to the exercise equipment.

Complete as many rounds as possible Camperdown Exercisesin 20 minutes

10 one legged squats

10 knee raises

10 one leg step ups with knee drive (keep one leg on bench at all time)

10 tricep dips (use bench if you cannot preform on bars)Camperdown outdoor gym exercises

10 body weight row

10 ‘hand release’ push ups (at the bottom of the push up release hand from ground)

Then run the grandstand steps 2 times.

Repeat for 20 min…


Write down how many rounds you did in 20min and try and beat your score.
5/6 rounds is a great score depending on your fitness level. The fitter you get the more rounds you will achieve in 20min
Email in your times to


Best of luck

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