Top 5 Holiday Health Tips

Long flights leading to swollen limbs, bad food options, changing time zones, dry cabin air, poor sleep and ever-likely delays when travelling can mean when don’t arrive at our destination feeling fresh. To help combat the perils of modern holidays & business travel, follow these top 5 tips for maintaining your health when travelling.

1.Make the most of hotel facilities such as pools & gyms.
Even a simple 20min workout will help energise the body and release neurotransmitters to help you sync your body clock to the local time zone. Take advantage of premium facilities and vary your normal aeroplaneroutine with 10min efforts on cardio machines or a simple strength circuit. Also take advantage of the hotel pool with a swim or walk to help swollen limbs recover, relax stiff muscles and optimise blood circulation.

2.Explore your new destination.
Walk or run around the city to explore the sights. Ask the hotel staff for directions to a nice local park, coastal path or lookout. Or take a trip along the High st to get a sneak peek of local life and also maintain your fitness. Adventurous travellers can incorporate long walks into your sight seeing. Walk out in the morning to the furthest point to start your day and zig-zag your way back across the city towards the hotel by days end.

3.Keep it simple!!
Holidays aren’t about peak performance so go with realistic expectations. Aim for 20+mins of a variety of exercise to MAINTAIN your fitness and not slip into bad habits while you’re away. Don’t aim for the stars and you won’t be disappointed if the new surrounds derail your usual fitness routine.

4.Use meals to your advantage.
For many of us the breakfast buffet can spell disaster to our healthy eating practices, but use the buffet to your advantage. Ignore the high fat, high sugars temptations and take advantage of fresh fruits, juices, cereals, yoghurts, muesli and toast to create a complete breakfast without all the cost and preparation required at home.
Turn lunch & dinners into the highlight of your day with a special meal at a picturesque location or restaurant and choose a delicious & healthy local delicacy rather than fast food on the move.

5.Plan ahead to take advantage of healthy opportunities.
Plan your next days activities with exercise in mind; be it a morning run, gym session or active sight seeing. Before departing set out your exercise calendar as you would the rest of your itinerary. Also prepare a simple exercise plan to do in your room or the hotel gym so you’re not left wondering what to do. The more prepared you are the more successful (& healthy) you’ll be in the long run.
Plan ahead with meals also. Have simple healthy snacks in your bag in case of delays or seek out a sandwich bar or Japanese restaurant for healthy options rather than hitting the burger bar or Bain-marie of doom.

Enjoy your travels & follow these top 5 tips to return from your trip feeling relaxed and in great shape.


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