Relieve neck pain & shoulder tension with Office Stretches #2

Yesterday we gave you the first set of stretches to do in the office to help break up poor posture at your computer or workstation. Here’s Office Stretches Set #2

The time spent sitting in the one position is a huge factor affecting our health. The position we sit in is also important. The following 4 exercises should be done between the Office Stretches Set 1 we blogged yesterday. Either use them interchangeably each day or complete Set 1 Tues & Thurs while you do today’s ‘Office Stretches Set 2’ on Mon, Wed & Fri

Spinal twist

With your feet facing forward slowly turn your torso to the side. Aim to go 90degrees (if pain free). Complete 3 twists to each side to help unlock a tight spine

Side neck stretchNeck Pain

With your eyes looking forward, tilt your head to the side so that you’re moving your ear towards your shoulder. Don’t bring your shoulder up to your ear! Only go as far as comfortable & repeat on the other side.

Shoulder shrugs

Slowly lift the shoulders up, pause for 1-2sec & return them back down. Repeat 5 times & make sure you keep them low when you return to your computer. Having your keyboard too high (ie desk too high or seat too low) can lead to elevated shoulders & a sore neck.

Side to side neck turns

Keeping your head up & standing tall slowly turn your head as far as comfortable to the right before slowly returning back to the middle and then to the left. This will help activate muscles on one side, and relax & stretch the opposite. Repeat 5-10 times and you should feel the range of movement increase.

Create a stretching station. If you have extra space in the office where a few colleagues can join you in a stretch, ask to make it the ‘break out’ corner or stretching station. Print off the list of stretches above so everyone can benefit.



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