Glut Exercises for Runners #3 – Running Strength Series

In our 3rd & final Glut exercises for runners we utilise some resistance band training to target the Glut med and also present a few alternatives for those without bands. Remember to focus on keeping a stable pelvis & torso throughout the exercises to help facilitate the strength transfer through to your running.

Using the resistance bands we have 2 great exercises;

Skaters steps

Skaters 1 Skaters 2Set up with your body upright and appropriate resistance in the band. Keep your weight on 1 leg and step backwards at a 45degree angle with the other, imitating an ice skaters movement, & then slowly return back to the start position. Repeat 10-20 times on the same leg before completing a set on the other leg. Remember to adjust the resistance to suit your strength level and remain upright (not to lean forward). This exercise will target the Glut Med & Glut Max, both very important for all runners.

Side step

Similar to the skater, the side step utilises the resistance on the band as you abduct the leg away Side step 2from the body. Take one step to the side & then slowly bring the other leg in to your midline so that you travel in the same direction for 10-20 steps. Then repeat in the opposite direction. To focus the exercise and continue to develop pelvic stability & glut strength make sure you keep your torso vertical & don’t cheat by rocking side to side. Use your gluts to push sidewards against the band and abduct your leg your leg.

If you don’t have access to a band a variation on the front plank will help target your gluts as well as challenge your static core strength.

Front plank with single lateral leg moves

Holding the front plank with your TA activated & body straight, slowly lift 1 foot & take it out to the sidePlank w side leg lift approx. 30-40 degrees, lightly tap down on the ground & return to the middle. Repeat on the other side. Complete 5-10 reps on each side focusing on slow moves & maintaining a neutral & stable pelvis. Don’t let your hips rock or countermove your torso to aid the lateral leg movement.

Another alternative Glut exercise you can perform without the exercise bands, and not previously covered in Glut Exercises for Runners #1 or the 2nd installment, Glut Exercises for Runners #2 , is the side lying hip abduction or ‘the Clam’ as it’s most commonly known.

Laying on your side with your hips & knees slightly bent & keeping your feet together, lift the knee of your top leg using gluts. Essentially opening your knees (only 10-20cm) like a clam shell. Concentrate on control & keeping your hips in the side-on position (ie not rolling back).

These exercises above are the last installment in the 3 part Glut series, as the Running Strength Series moves onto another important part of the body for all runners, the Abdominals & core strength.


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