Indigenous Marathon Project

Following on from the earlier blog I have included some more information on the Indigenous Marathon Project for those who requested it.

The Indigenous Marathon Project is an amazing initiative championed by Australian marathon legend Robert de Castella. A little over 12 months ago none of the 4 runners about to embark on the NY marathon had ever considered themselves ‘runners’ and probably never run more than during a game of football or fitness work at training. But that all changed with the arrival of John Bell & Deeks. Offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for a trip to the NY marathon the initial interest was gradually reduced down to the remaining four runners we have today; Caleb Hart, Charlie Maher, Joseph Davies & Juan Darwin. imp

The Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) is much more than 4 runners and the 2010 NY marathon though. The project aims to improve the lives of indigenous Australians in communities across the country by rekindling the enthusiasm for physical activity & helping to reduce chronic diseases. Regular physical activity will also help to build self-confidence and combat issues of depression and mental health. Training for the program participants will also help provide employment opportunities for athletes and professional pathways for athletes. The program also aims to provide opportunities and support for talented indigenous runners to develop into positive role models within their local communities. One other amazing goal for Deeks is to take an indigenous runner to the 2016 Olympic marathon, which would be fantastic and could be the start of an Australian running generation.

Next year the program will be aiming to take 6 runners along to NY, including some female marathon runners. Caleb, Charlie, Joseph & Juan will have the opportunity to mentor the new participants and the programs influence will slowly spread into the communities around Australia.

Of course this sort of program cannot continue without the support of fantastic sponsors such as the Australian Government’s Department of Health & Ageing, and Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. The NT government, Australian Federal Police and NT Police have also been great supporters, helping ease many organisational issues. Asics are the sporting sponsors of the marathon team and Goodoil films are producing a documentary tracking the journey of the runners and their quest to complete the NY marathon. Expect to see the 1 hour documentary in early 2011.

Extra support is needed for such a great program to continue and individuals and companies can lend their support through either the Everyday hero site or email to find out more about how your support can help. For more information on the project and to follow the team head to or keep checking this blog for more updates.

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